Starting a blog

Starting a blog doesn’t have to be intimidating! Let’s face it, publishing our thoughts can get us into a lot of trouble. By trouble, I mean conflict. Many of us are conflict-avoiders and really, there’s nothing wrong with some healthy debating, I mean discussion, from time to time. 😉

Job searches and grad school applications often involve searches on potential employees and students. For this reason, you may wish to remain anonymous. That is your choice! I know people who post under aliases and are very selective about what they publish. With the digital age comes cyber bullying, cyber stalking, hacking and identity theft, so it’s definitely a smart move.

Some bloggers feel that you need to be in a certain niche, but I find that severely limiting. Your blog should be about YOU and your passions. Unless you plan to have a separate blog for everything, which is difficult to manage for some, you may have to put some thought into your layout. For me personally, I started out as primarily a book blogger, then I blogged about weight loss, then it turned into a frustration dump, and continued to evolve over time. By having a versatile blog, I’m never stuck in a content rut. It makes it easier to recruit guest posters, too!

The best place to start may be Blogger, which requires no monetary investment on your part, save for a personalized layout through an affordable designer. I know of two, Najla and Brandi, who are incredible women to work with. I have personally used both of their services and would recommend them without reservation. Several newbie bloggers have raved about a four week blogging class through Blogelina as well.

Once you have a good grasp on html, you can look into purchasing your own hosting and domain. Some bloggers prefer to do this because they feel it is more reputable and it gives them more control over their content.

Hopefully I’ve quelled some of your fears. My mission is to include more tutorials that are helpful to newer bloggers. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!

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