Monetizing your blog

Many bloggers have a passion for writing and sharing their opinions, so doing something we love is in itself an intrinsic reward. To get paid for doing something we love is even better!

Social Spark is one source for sponsored blog posts. Once your blog is registered, you’ll start to receive leads. Don’t get discouraged! You will receive tons of leads before you actually score an offer. You can either choose to negotiate the leads or accept them as is. Compensation averages around 1500 points (100 points = 1 dollar) per post, though what you’re comfortable with accepting highly depends on your blog stats. Payout takes about a month and once you accumulate 5000 points, you can cash out without incurring penalties. Early withdrawals cost 200 points.

PayPerPost is a site ran by the same company as above. This one also dings you $2 for early withdrawals. In my experience, the posts offered on this site are slightly higher.

Blogsvertise is another source, but the payouts are less. Many posts are in the $10 range with some being as low as $6. I have only received two $20 offers through this program. Some only require that you cut and paste a guest post, others require that you create your own post containing specific anchored links. My only caution is that you should always tag the posts as sponsored even if they ask you not to as per FTC disclosure guidelines, which state that bloggers should disclose ANY material or monetary goods they receive in connection to products and services.

Sponsored Reviews has a HUGE database, generally for people who have a page rank of 2 or higher. If you don’t know what your page rank is, you can visit Google PageRank Checker to find out.

Business 2 Blogger is a site where you can apply for paid opportunities. Some are locale-based and others are open to specific niches. A few people have managed to get paid $10 for books they reviewed through them, so be sure to check it out!

I haven’t received any offers from this one yet, but Bucks2Blog is something a few of my blogger friends have used.

Postsgenius is a relatively new site you may want to utilize as well.

Other ways to monetize:

Tweeting (I prefer saying that to “Twittering”)

Affiliate links, banners, and ads, through companies such as Escalate Network, Logical Media, and others.

Barnes & Noble and Amazon

Non-blogging related ways to monetize your online presence:

Swagbucks! You can use the Swagbucks toolbar instead of Google to search for things and earn bucks that can be converted into gift cards. You might even elect to use the points to enter Swagstakes for concert tickets and all kinds of goodies.

Pinecone Research is a totally legit survey site that also comes with opportunities to test products. Whereas they paid $3 per survey in the past, they have recently reverted to a points system. Points can be redeemed for all sorts of prizes!

I totally understand what it’s like to need supplemental income, so hopefully this is enough to get you started.

Happy blogging!

Disclosure: I did insert a few of my affiliate links in this post. Hey, at least I properly disclosed! 😉

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