Who is “The Jolly Blogger?”


Most people like to know a little more about who I am personally. If you would rather know more details about my blog and companies I have worked with, please click here.

There are a number of words to describe who I am: mom, introvert, idealist, advocate, Half-Korean, overachiever, and chocolate fiend. I like to surround myself with inspirational things. I am obsessed with quotes, poetry, giving individuals and gifted ones, too. Here you will be exposed to my passions, discoveries, victories, rants and ramblings.

I’m known as “The Jolly Blogger” because my maiden name is Jolly. Typically, reactions range from “That’s the coolest last name ever,” to “Well, are you Jolly?” You learn to embrace it after a while. It’s certainly neat to run into other people who have carried this name.

In times past, I’ve been referred to as a sponge, which seems to be pretty accurate. I have my masters degree and am working toward clinical licensure. I recently applied to the OSU Master Gardener 2018 Cohort. Considering my knowledge comes from a variety of sources, I figured Eclectic Wisdom would be an appropriate title. I’m trying hard not to get pigeon-holed into a niche, but I suspect resistance is futile. 😉 You may notice that my creativity comes in spurts. I’ve restarted this blog a handful of times.

My daughter, “spidergirl,” has a climbing video that has spread all over the internet, showing up on more websites than I can count! Check out: CafeMom, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail (UK), Digital Journal and this interview with Yahoo’s Cameron Smith.


Above is a photo of me with Dr. Patch Adams and friend/teammate Emma on AmeriCorps NCCC Class IX Capital Region Campus Graduation Day.
Although this site has gone in a multitude of directions, it has kept me sane. Sort of.

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