How Can I Keep My Business Growing This Year?

Business owners who are focused on making 2017 a year of phenomenal growth should know that they can realize the objective by becoming strategic in their approach to the expansion process. Below you’ll find just four of multiple business-building strategies that can help metabolize your company’s growth this year: 1. Enhance Your Marketing Efforts. If […] Read more

A Guide for Helping Professionals: Dealing With Your Own “Stuff”

Throughout the course of your education, work experience, and supervision, you will hear words such as “compassion fatigue” and “various trauma.” From 2008-2015, I went from a community college, to 4 years at a public university for undergrad and then another 2 years at a public university for graduate school. While I was getting educated, […] Read more

Encore Azaleas: Flowering Shrubs that Tolerate Full Sun

I have been looking for flowering shrubs that I could plant along the chain link fence that lines the front of our property. I was admiring the Gibraltar Azaleas and eventually stumbled onto the Encore brand, which captured my attention because they claim that their shrubs flower in the Spring, Summer, AND Fall. While light […] Read more

A Glimpse Into My Therapeutic Garden

I recently made the decision to apply for the 2018 online Master Gardener cohort and then I started to think, “Why not horticultural therapy?” My husband and I first started a garden because, when we were struggling, buying produce was not top priority. What a lot of people don’t know is that you can use […] Read more

Inspired Projects Around the Home

As I mentioned previously, my husband enjoys various woodworking projects and we both enjoy tossing ideas back and forth, which flexes our creativity muscles. Last year, we spent months making cutting boards for my coworkers using purple heart wood, maple, and padauk. They turned out great, although my perfectionist tendencies make me wish that the […] Read more

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