5 Beauty Splurges for the Hard-Working Mom

As moms, it can be easy to relegate our own care and upkeep to the back of the line. Something to take care of after we’ve herded the kids to their after-school class… After the dinner is on the table… After we have cleaned the house… But the problem with this method? A mom’s to-do […] Read more

Ensuring Your Packaging is Safe

When you are at the post office and you’re ready to mail off your gift to friends, you’re always asked if you are sending anything that is potentially hazardous. It’s a safety measure intended to protect you and others from any threats that could be posed by the mail. If the post office is taking […] Read more

Fun Summer Activities in Oregon

It’s almost that time of year! In a few months, the kids will be out of school and you’ll be headed for campgrounds, swimming pools, and the beach. My husband and I are notorious for taking spur-of-the moment trips. For example, we’re planning to go to Ireland’s Rustic Lodges in Gold Beach. They have affordable […] Read more

A Cart for Coffee and Other Hot Beverages

When you are considering investing in a beverage cart as your business, you may wonder what the recommendations are for that particular one that gives the customers a steaming cup of coffee or hot cocoa at a chilly football game, arts and crafts fair, fall festival, parade, in a shopping center, or any other appropriate […] Read more

Why Music and Emotion Go Hand-In-Hand

There is no denying the power that music has to influence human emotion. Music can change the way that we perceive events that are going on around us. An example of this can be seen when you take a clip from a movie and change the music that is being played in the background. Fast […] Read more

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