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What to do with zucchini’s as big as your leg?

Make zucchini bread, of course! I love my Pampered Chef stoneware. Last year, I purchased a mini-loaf stone and a bundt stone, which I’m still finding creative uses for. It’s hotter than heck right now and I might be crazy for using an oven in a mobile home, but hey, we have an overabundant amount […] Read more

HERSHEY’S #smores #CampBondfire

Growing up in South Korea, one of my favorite places to camp was Chungju Lake. Isn’t it beautiful? Image credit belongs to It was there that I was introduced to S’mores. My dad always told me it was named that because people would eat them and say, “I want some’more.” Hence, S’mores. Here’s how […] Read more

Mountain Rose Herbs

If you’re looking for bulk organic herbs and spices, you may want to consider Mountain Rose Herbs. Located in Eugene, Oregon, they are dedicated to environmental stewardship, fair treatment and pay, quality products and amazing prices. Read more

Throw your best chili recipes at me!

Mohawk Valley Trading Company

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