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Safety Tips for Finding Care Online

According to a recent survey from Child Care America, nearly 11 million children under the age of five in the U.S. are in some sort of child care arrangement every week, spending about 35 hours per week in care on average. In observance of National Safety Month,, the largest online care destination in the […] Read more

Fight abuse with the ICE BlackBox app

We’ve seen recorded fights on social media. It seems that those are becoming increasingly common, but for questionable purposes. However, rather than using your phone to record violence for entertainment, what if you could instead use it to deter a perpetrator? There are incidents of bullying, theft, and so on that could benefit from concrete […] Read more

Global Newborn Health Conference begins tomorrow! #newborn2013

According to Impatient Optimists, nearly THREE million newborns die globally from preventable deaths. The vast majority of these babies come from low/middle income countries and 40% of these deaths account for all deaths that occur to children under 5 around the world. That’s pretty staggering. *For more stats, read here. So what can you do […] Read more

Q&A: Risk factors of sudden heart failure in student athletes

If defibrillation is administered within one minute of collapse, the survival rate for sudden heart failure goes up 90 percent. “Timing is key to survival. Waiting even 10 minutes to defibrillate drops the chances of survival to 10 percent,” says John Lynn Jefferies, MD. The Q and A takes place April 9th from 7:00 p.m. […] Read more

Protecting Our Children: Human Trafficking Awareness

According to UNICEF: An estimated 5.5 million children are victims of trafficking, an illegal enterprise that generates an estimated $32 billion in yearly profits. Human trafficking cases have been reported in every state in the United States. Rates are particularly high in California, Texas, Florida, and New York. I found the above to be interesting […] Read more

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