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Traveling With Teens: No Reason to Worry

It was easier when all you had to do was mention amusement parks and candy. Now that your kid is a teen, it requires more strategy to get them involved in family activities and vacations. But there’s no reason to worry after you scan the following suggestions related to going on the next vacation with your teen.

Raise the Bar

It’s easy to get nervous about potential teen behavior. But don’t fret. Rather than wait for their next tantrum, raise the bar by treating them like an adult. Adults can enjoy privileges unless they violate associated terms. For example, you may lengthen your teen’s curfew as long as they don’t give a reason for you to worry about them being out later.

Enjoy Your Vacation

While parents can get along with teens, kids will be kids. That means that you don’t want to bend over backward to buy them the plushest accommodations or book the best activities. In short, you can’t buy their affection, approval or you, or their love of the vacation. That’s why it’s important for you to enjoy yourself. It makes traveling with teens and anyone that much easier.

Give Them Space

In a perfect world, teens walk side by side with parents in shopping malls and call from friend’s houses just to remind you they love you. In this world, it’s better to give them space and to have enough faith to allow them to make the right choices. Give them space and allow them to make the ‘family vacation’ connection.

Make Traveling Seamless

You can’t turn a 20-hour flight into a two-hour journey but you can do your best to make traveling seamless and comfortable. That means booking your flight well ahead of time to secure first-class or window seats. Also, stay at a reputable hotel such as The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort and Spa.

Talk to Them About the Phone

It’s rare to find a teen in the wild without a smartphone. It’s likely that you get annoyed as you watch them give full attention to a phone while they are eating dinner with the family, supposed to be listening to you, or otherwise enjoying their surroundings on vacation. Have a conversation about phone use and ‘being in the moment’ on vacation so it doesn’t become an issue.

Give Them Options

You may be traveling with kids who are of wide ages. You can’t expect a teen to be as excited about an amusement park as a child who is 10 years old. Therefore, give your teen options when it comes to the agenda of the day. You don’t have to force others in the group to abide by the teen’s wishes to go places, yet be flexible in what they have to do and what’s optional.

Encourage them to Save Funds

Some teens want their own hotel room, to go out on their own at night, and to enjoy hours of alone time during the day. As mentioned, talk to them about hanging with the family versus being alone. Also, if they prefer greater independence then remind them that those who are independent pay their own way. Encourage them to save funds for parts of the trip when they are idle.

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