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Inspired Projects Around the Home

As I mentioned previously, my husband enjoys various woodworking projects and we both enjoy tossing ideas back and forth, which flexes our creativity muscles. Last year, we spent months making cutting boards for my coworkers using purple heart wood, maple, and padauk. They turned out great, although my perfectionist tendencies make me wish that the lines were a little straighter!

I can’t resist making doodles in the sawdust.

A few months ago, hubby’s friend challenged him to build a picture frame. Isn’t it gorgeous?

His grandfather had this slab of wood laying around and it was already pre-drilled for a clock. We substituted tumbled rocks for the numbers, which we made with a Thumler’s Tumbler. We aren’t hardcore rock hounds, but we do appreciate nature’s gifts.

Hubby also built a castle bird house, this Spring, modeled after his awesome chicken coop, and we were happy to see that a pair of swallows have made a home in it.

In the past, we painted dried out gourds, but they didn’t seem to match the level of protection of a wooden one. This swallow didn’t appear to mind. Unfortunately, it started diving and attacking our cat and she showed it who was boss. 🙁

Hubby and daughter have built dozens of birdhouses and we may attempt a few more before summer’s end.

What are some of your inspired pieces?

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