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Encore Azaleas: Flowering Shrubs that Tolerate Full Sun

I have been looking for flowering shrubs that I could plant along the chain link fence that lines the front of our property. I was admiring the Gibraltar Azaleas and eventually stumbled onto the Encore brand, which captured my attention because they claim that their shrubs flower in the Spring, Summer, AND Fall. While light requirements are Full Sun to Part Shade, you can definitely plant them in Full Sun, although I have read that it could result in pest problems. We shall see.

I ordered 14 plants from Walmart.com (free two day shipping and the plants were only $15, which were a steal). I then ordered some more varieties from other online sources, such as PlantingTree.com (3), Wilson Bros (4), and Home Depot (2). The last one I would like to add to my collection is the Autumn Monarch, which is sold out everywhere and I really would prefer not to pay $70+ for a lone plant. I’m hoping that, when I finally put these into the ground, it won’t look tacky with such a wide spectrum of pinks to purples to reds. There’s some multi-colored beauties, too.

I was only watering them once a day and I started seeing signs of heat stress (leaves were crunchy or even falling off), so I now water them twice a day and buds are forming, so I know they’re nowhere near dead. I am sure they will really thrive once I put them in the ground and cover them with a layer of mulch. At this point, I should probably wait until Fall.

I keep thinking I may have gone overboard.

What I found out recently is that Azaleas make great little bonsai gifts. That’s definitely going to be a future endeavor. I look forward to sharing my future blooms with you!

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