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Periods Cramping Your Style? #Smiley360 #obTampons

Disclosure: I was provided free boxes of OB Tampons and carrying cases through Smiley360 in exchange for my thoughts about this product. All opinions are my very own.

So, let’s talk about something controversial, shall we? Merely mentioning pads and tampons is enough to make my husband blush. He absolutely refuses to purchase either for me. I don’t really know a lot of men who aren’t grossed out by it. There are women who abhor it and those who embrace it. Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent comes to mind. As for myself…well, I tend to abhor it because I’ve had some pretty horrific experiences – from skipping for months on end to having extremely heavy flows.

I am also willing to bet that every girl and woman out there has some sort of period related horror story. One of my most mortifying moments was from high school (I went to a private school with a dress code) and I remember begging a teacher to allow me to un-tuck my shirt for the day and then having to show her why. The clincher? My crush happened to be right behind me as I was walking up the stairs. Although I tried to nonchalantly cover myself with a binder as I walked up, I am, to this day, convinced that he saw the giant softball-sized leak on my bottom. Another time, I made the mistake of leaving a pad in the bathroom and my dad emerged from the bathroom, completely enraged and grossed out, saying, “GOD! Don’t EVER do that again!” I have a 10 year old that’s showing signs of puberty and I can only imagine what adventures await me as a parent.

I’ve tried all kinds of products throughout the years, including the Diva Cup and cloth. After a few freak incidents with tampons, I decided to only use them on light flow days or when swimming. That’s the safest bet. I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I’ve completely trusted a product to perform as advertised. Too many humiliating experiences and close-calls, I guess.

OB is a brand that’s been around for a long time. I remember it being the only brand sold at a small store located at Joshua Tree when my husband I went rock climbing there years ago. I groaned at the time. Although I was somewhat forced to use it because I didn’t have a choice, I was pleasantly surprised. That was at about 9 years ago and it doesn’t appear that much has changed. The design is simple and straightforward.

Having personally tried the product, what I “DO” appreciate about OB is that they don’t have messy applicators. I once had a situation where I was down to my last tampon and then the applicator got stuck and I ended up having to discard the applicator and inserting it, which was quite uncomfortable, to stay in the least The OB allows you to stick your finger in the middle and avoid getting blood on your hands. Can you imagine emerging from the bathroom stall in a crowded facility, trying to touch as little as possible so you can wash your hands? That’s real talk!

I guess that’s what those feminine wipes are for, although they don’t specifically advertise that.

I was not brave to test how long I could use the Super OB without leaking, so I can’t speak to that. I think the Ultra is better suited for my flow.

If all those applicators make you feel guilty, give OB a try. If you’re really brave, try the menstrual cup. I think OB offers a good middle-ground. The cost is comparable to other brands, although your best bet is to purchase online if you’re a frugal shopper.

Care to share your experiences with certain brands or your own menstruation crisis? Leave a comment!

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