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All Natural Essential Oils #AromaFoundry

Disclosure: I was provided four bottles of essential oils (my choice) to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my very own.

Essential oils have really gained popularity over the years. I know several people who have become distributors for some of the more popular (and expensive) brands out there. Currently, I am under the supervision of a therapist who has begun incorporating the diffusion of essential oils into her practice. She personally feels that she has been sleeping better at night since using the oils. The use of scents is a pro and a con because for some, it can trigger headaches and for others, there is the possibility of a trauma response, especially if a scent is associated with a particular trauma. When I worked at child welfare, some of my fellow case managers and I dabbed peppermint oil on before going to court to help calm our nerves. Another person I know claims that her family is hardly ever sick because the rubs various oils on the bottoms of their feet each night. Still others use essential oils to create their own natural cleaning products. You’re limited by your own creativity.

I haven’t really broadened by horizons beyond peppermint and lavender EO’s, which are calming, until now. I requested Citronella oil because of the high price of insect repelling candles. It’s as easy as melting wax, adding a few drops of oil (and coloring, if desired), and a wick in a jar. If the mosquitoes like to feast on you as they do me, it’s a must have for anyone who likes to hang out on the patio after a hot summer day. If Citronella alone is too strong for you, it appears you can add peppermint. I haven’t tested it yet, but I’d like to know if it can keep spiders away, especially since I keep finding black widows in relatively undisturbed locations around our property (sheds and storage spaces, mostly). What I also learned is that you can use Citronella EO AFTER being bitten as well. Utilizing Aroma Foundry’s website, you can also learn about blending oils to achieve a specific purpose. Did you know you could mix Lavender and Citronella with Witch Hazel to fight acne? One of these days, I’d like to test such claims by making my own soaps. Unfortunately, that is a process that will require having a lot more time on my hands!

I also chose Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, and Bergamot. Cedarwood is said to provide many benefits, including improved focus and fungal fighting properties. Ylang Ylang is uplifting and reportedly helps with insomnia. Bergamot reportedly helps relieve insomnia, depression, and high blood pressure. Of course, I am not doctor, so I am not validating these claims in any way, but I do know a lot of people out there are looking for alternatives to prescription medications, so I encourage you to seek out your overseeing medical professional to see if EO’s are right for you.

The EO’s on Aroma Foundry’s site are listed at $9.98-$11.98 per bottle. If you order over $25 worth, you receive a free bottle of lavender. If you order over $50 worth, you receive both lavender and spearmint. If you order over $100, take 15% off. Currently, there are 20 different therapeutic grade essential oils that are sourced from the USA and HAND-bottled in small batches, so that quality isn’t compromised.

How do you incorporate EO’s into your life? If you don’t use them, what prevents you?

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