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The Big Picture: Creating a Special Space to Support Your Little Artist

If you want your child to express their creativity through arts and crafts, you should consider creating a special space in the home where they can draw, paint, and play whenever they feel like it.

But how do you do this?

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect art space for your child so they can express their creativity whenever inspiration hits.

Create it Somewhere Near to You

Kids want to be near to you when they are young. You might have an attic or a basement that looks like the perfect creative space, but if it is too far away from the action then they might end up coming back to where you are.

You might find that even if you have a great little space for them in the basement, they won’t want to spend much time there. So find somewhere nearby and let them stay close to you while they create.

Choose Somewhere Comfortable

No one wants to spend time somewhere dark or uncomfortable, so make sure your art space is bright, comfy, and has plenty of natural light. When you create an art space for kids, don’t set it up in an any old space that is currently unused. You want to encourage their creativity, so be creative in your choice of space.

Make It Ready to Use at Any Time

Set it up so that your child can start using it whenever they want to. Leave paper, stickers, crayons, and other materials readily accessible, and add some low shelves to the wall that your child can reach. You could even leave a smartphone or tablet nearby and download some art apps on Google Play like Coloring Book for Me.

You want to provide everything they need to start using it when they want to. Invite them to use it by presenting the materials in a way that draws them in.

Keep It Interesting

Don’t set up the area and then forget about it. Instead, keep on changing it up, either together or on your own. If your child has expressed interest in birds or cats or anything else, change the art area to reflect this.

Stick some pictures to the wall, add some new coloring books, and place a few toys in the area to get them inspired.

Invest in an Easel

An easel is a simple and effective way to create an art space. Find a good easel, then set it up with paper and crayons or paint, and it might also come with a chalkboard. Experiment with where you position it, and you might find that your child has a preferred area where they want to use it.

Go Outdoors

In the warmer months of the year, you might want to create an outdoor space, which is the perfect environment to be inspired. Set up your easel, or a table and chair, and let your child get creative.

There’s no need to worry about the mess, and you can incorporate natural materials like twigs, leaves, and stones.

Create Your Inspirational Art Space

It does not have to be hard to create a space for art, so use these tips to create the ideal space for your child. Creativity is so important for children, but you need to help them. So use these tips as guidance and create an art space in your home that your child will simply love using.

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