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Why Music and Emotion Go Hand-In-Hand

There is no denying the power that music has to influence human emotion. Music can change the way that we perceive events that are going on around us. An example of this can be seen when you take a clip from a movie and change the music that is being played in the background. Fast pace music with a dynamic tempo may make that movie clip seem exciting and full of action. However, if the same clip is played with slower music with a less dynamic tempo, the feel of the clip changes entirely.

What changed is not the image that was presented, but instead the way that the mind interpreted what it was seeing. This does not to just happened at the movies. Music’s effect is seen in everyday life. For example, when a person has to do chores in their home and they don’t want to get the chores done but they know they need to do them, what do they do? They turn on the radio and listen to fast-paced music. Why? Because the music will invigorate them, give them the energy that they need to accomplish the task, and make it seem as if time passes quicker.

On the other side of the coin, when a person is having a difficult time sleeping, what do they do? They put on soft, relaxing music. They may choose classical music or something of that sort. The music calms their hearts, allows their minds to rest, and eventually makes it easier for them to fall asleep. It is very clear that music and emotion go hand-in-hand.

Music composers understand the power of the music they play. When they compose music, they are not to just making cold mathematical computations to determine what note and what rhythm should go together. No, they are tapping into their own emotions with the goal of expressing what they feel through sound.

Music can have a powerful impact on a community. Proof of this is seen by the effects that pop up pianos in New York City have had. These pianos allow people who are musically inclined to play music for passerby. Often times, the public is surprised by who sits down at these pianos and by the quality of music they are able to produce. There are a lot of videos online of individuals who are apparently homeless, sitting down and playing beautiful pieces of music. The impact this music is powerful.

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