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Fun Summer Activities in Oregon

It’s almost that time of year! In a few months, the kids will be out of school and you’ll be headed for campgrounds, swimming pools, and the beach. My husband and I are notorious for taking spur-of-the moment trips. For example, we’re planning to go to Ireland’s Rustic Lodges in Gold Beach. They have affordable cabins on the beach, some with fireplaces in them, with spectacular views. You can take a short walk for a closer look or enjoy it from the hot tub.

There’s just something therapeutic about nature. Oh, and we just purchased a rock tumbler and can’t wait to find shells and rocks to polish.

Aside from sending kiddo to summer camp, we’ve got a full summer planned.

We’d like to go to the Wildlife Safari, where we plan to go through the drive-thru to catch a glimpse of ostriches, southern white rhinos, giraffes, hippopotami, African lions, Siberian tigers, cheetahs, Tibetan yaks, Roosevelt elk, African elephants, North American black bears, llamas, American bison, and other animals. My daughter’s a huge fan of Wild Kratts, so it’ll be interesting to hear all the facts she can spout off about various creatures. My husband likes to admire the antlers on the elk because he’s been hunting them with his grandfather for years. Apparently Roosevelt bull elk can grow up to a whopping 900lbs!

There’s also the Hellgate Jetboat Excursions, which offers a whitewater excursion that’s a 5.5 hour 75 mile trip around the Rogue River. I figure it’ll be safer than rafting. It’s going to cost almost $200 for 2 adults and 1 child, but that includes dinner. I need to figure out how to take pictures without getting my phone or camera damaged by the water. Ziploc baggie, maybe?

Next, I’m looking forward to visiting the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, which has 40 acres of tulips. While I’d love to see tulips in Holland someday, this seems to be the next best thing. They say April showers bring May flowers, but in Oregon, it dumped rain in March to bring us beautiful flowers in April.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is also high on our list of to-do’s. There’s a planetarium, a science playground, 3D movies, and tons of featured exhibits. The 21 and over crowd can even enjoy it after dark. It’s geek paradise!

We can’t forget about Kids Bowl Free. During specific days and times, children can play two free games. All you have to do is pay maybe a dollar for shoe rentals.

Of course, you can’t always be on the go! What about those down times when your kiddo just wants to sit in your air-conditioned home and relax? I have a solution for you: Pley! They carry tons of name brand educational toys that will entertain your children for hours. Save your cash for those treasured vacations.


Have some Legos to get rid of? You can get $5 Pley credit PER POUND (10lb limit). Pley will even pay for your shipping label. If you can convince 12 friends to sign up, you can get a years worth of toy rentals from Pley. Check out the Pley Youtube channel.

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