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A Cart for Coffee and Other Hot Beverages

When you are considering investing in a beverage cart as your business, you may wonder what the recommendations are for that particular one that gives the customers a steaming cup of coffee or hot cocoa at a chilly football game, arts and crafts fair, fall festival, parade, in a shopping center, or any other appropriate location. A beverage mobile cart is a unique addition to any event and is sure to draw a crowd.

Customers will line up in a crowd for delicious brewed coffee, espresso, cocoa, and other hot beverages that requires a well-equipped top-notch cart complete with the display, storage, compartments, and other features that are needed.

Some of the features that are available include two Cambro five-gallon beverage carriers, an air pot brewing area, a pull-out three-compartment sink, a 6.2 cubic foot refrigerator, drop leaves, a lockable storage area, a cash drawer or knock box, a deluxe awning and metal shelf brackets with storage space in the canopy, an optional umbrella optional, and many more.

Espresso Cappuccino Cart

Special features include custom body and canopy details, a deluxe awning, grid work between the canopy poles, storage in the canopy, shelves, two drop leaves that are 18 inches each, and other additions to the features already mentioned.

Customized Coffee and Capuccino Cart

This is another with a deluxe awning and many of the other features categorized above.

Deluxe Espresso Cart

Can be customized to your particular specifications. Available in 5 foot, 6 foot 7 foot, and up. Has a deluxe canopy and telescopic canopy poles.

Coffee Cart for Hospital and Office Buildings

This has special graphics and a display case for pastries, danish, rolls, and more to offer along with the coffee.

All Star Carts is a fine example of a complete full-service manufacturer of these delicious hot beverage carts and many other types of carts and kiosks under one roof so that the company has full quality control. Each product meets the highest standards and is listed with Underwriters Laboratories to NSF/ANSI standard and electrical needs.

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