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Child Safety Around the Home

Having a baby will change your life. At each stage of your child’s development, you will need to keep up and face the challenges that come with it. One of the most important challenges as a parent is to keep your child safe. Before your baby starts crawling or walking, you will want to start child-proofing your house to make it a safe place for them to explore. Before you know it your little one will be mobile! There are safety hazards at nearly every turn in a home, but they can be easily corrected.

Dangerous Chemicals:

Be sure to keep all of your cleaning products, personal hygiene products, and medicines locked away where your child cannot get to them. The best way to ensure that these items are safely locked away is to store them in a cabinet that has a safety lock. Items to keep locked away include:

  • Bleach
  • Nail polish remover
  • Make-Up
  • All-Purpose Cleaners
  • Furniture polish
  • Toilet bowl cleaners
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Any item that could be potentially harmful if swallowed

This applies to any alcohol or liquor you have in the home as well. You will want to store it in a cabinet that is too high for your little one to reach, or in a locked cabinet.

Minimize Falls:

An injury from a fall is one of the most common types of injuries around the home. There are several steps that you can take to help minimize the risk that your little one, or anyone else in the home, may fall and injure themselves.

  • Be sure that all rugs that are on slick surfaces are secure to avoid any slip and fall accidents.
  • Add handrails to the bathroom to help your little one get in and out of the bath or shower easier.
  • Add a bath mat to the bottom of the bathtub so that the surface is not as slick or slippery when wet.
  • If you have stairs, add safety gates at the top and the bottom so your little one cannot go exploring on their own.
  • Check that any handrails on your stairs are safely secured and solid.

Choking and Strangling Hazards:

Naturally curious, your little one often explores their world first with their hands and eyes, then with their mouths. Nearly everything they pick up may be tasted. It is up to you to make sure that those choking hazards are not within your little one’s reach.

  • Do regular checks around the floor and behind furniture for pieces of toys that may have broken off, or other items that escaped your notice.
  • Keep small items up high where your little one cannot reach.

Minimize the risks of strangulation as well by doing the following:

  • Keep dangling window cords away from your little one’s crib or bassinet.
  • Trim the window cords, or tie them up so that they are only accessible to the adults in the home.

Fire Safety Tips:

  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home
  • Test the your smoke alarms twice a year for proper operations and replace the batteries yearly
  • Create an emergency evacuation plan with your family in case of a fire
  • Install safety gates around your furnace, oven, and fireplace so that your little one cannot access it

Keeping your little one safe may seem like a full-time job, but staying alert and aware of the dangers in your home can help to prevent an accident.

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