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What’s so great about hair extensions, anyway?

When I was in high school, I had a friend that did all kinds of stylish things with her hair. Back then, it was popular to have one white strip added in and I thought it was ridiculous. Another friend of mine regretted chopping her hair short, so hair extensions allowed her to have long hair again, only she found her neck hurting because of all the added weight. However, extensions can be nice for changing your look and style from one day to the next. You can have curly hair one day and straight hair the next and, of course, there are tons of color options you can explore without damaging your real hair. The change is reversible, whereas a terrible hair cut or dye job is not!

Abhair has a ton of different styles accompanied by video and photo tutorials for selection, use, and care.

Wigs, regardless of whether the hair is natural or synthetic, kind of scare me, but for people who have lost their hair during chemo or radiation therapy, it can be a means of maintaining a sense of normalcy. Sometimes you don’t want to reveal to the world that you’re sick and you don’t want to be pitied.

And, of course, Halloween is another time when hair pieces are popular. I purchased a rainbow hair clip for my daughter, the die-hard My Little Pony fan, to use as Rainbow Dash’s tail last year. This year, I am wondering if she’ll be interested in a wig that looks like the following:

Isn’t it gorgeous?

It’d be perfect for someone bound for Comic Con.

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