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Remodeling Your Bathroom? Why You Should Consider a Walk-In Shower

If you’ve got the space and budget, consider one of the hottest bathroom remodeling trends — installing a large, walk-in shower. Even if you don’t have the room, ask a designer to give the space a closer look. If you need to convince yourself to make the jump from a traditional shower to a walk-in, consider one of the following practical reasons for the upgrade.

Better Accessibility

With a large walk-in shower independent of a tub, you won’t have to climb in and out to take a shower. You might not have thought about a typical shower’s inconvenience, but the elderly, disabled and the injured can struggle with that step up and down every time they bathe. Young children also can’t climb in as easily as a typical adult. There’s also the risk those who struggle to enter — or anyone for that matter — can slip once they get in or out. Even if you don’t need the additional accessibility now, you may need it in the future.

Easier to Clean

With a walk-in shower, you’ll spend less time cleaning. Depending on the walk-in shower you choose, you likely will have less surface area to clean, even if the shower takes up more space than the tub-and-shower combo. Less surface area means less to scrub.

If the walk-in unit happens to have a bigger surface area, you’ll still notice how easy the new design is to clean. You won’t have to bend awkwardly, hurting your knees, so you can reach over a tub to scrub the bottom and the corners. A spray-and-walk-away cleaner works especially well in a walk-in shower unit.


According to designer Leslie Molloy, putting in a walk-in shower is a popular trend largely due to homeowners being tired of dealing with cramped bathroom space. Even the smallest walk-in shower is roomier than the typical tub-and-shower model, if only because the entire space is devoted to the shower. A roomier shower is also easier to maneuver in, which can prove especially useful when bathing kids and pets.

A cramped, shared bathroom means you have to basically schedule use for one person at a time. The more space you can get out of your bathroom, the more likely you can share the space when you’re pressed for time.

Pairs Well With a Standalone Tub

A standalone shower is a great excuse to install a gorgeous standalone tub, if you’ve got the space, budget and inclination. Both old-fashioned and modern standalone tubs are ideal for those who love baths or who are looking to put some romance into their bathroom design; however, most days you’re probably going to shower instead of bathe, so you’ll still need a shower somewhere in the room.

Increases Home Value

A standalone shower increases your home’s value since it’s a hot trend. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel states that buyers, particularly the aging baby boomer population, are looking for homes with bathrooms that have safety-oriented and accessible amenities such as walk-in showers. Whether you plan to sell your house soon or many years down the road, invest in a standalone shower and reap the benefits if you sell your home.

There are many reasons you’d love a large, walk-in shower, but you only need one: You want one. Whether you think the design is gorgeous or you’ve been thinking about its practical benefits, you will be happy with the decision. Even small bathrooms can accommodate a walk-in shower if you’re willing to rearrange the layout or take out the tub entirely.

About the Author: Benjamin Heidt is a contributing writer, blogger and interior designer. He has designed many bathrooms and takes note of the latest must-have trends.

One Response to Remodeling Your Bathroom? Why You Should Consider a Walk-In Shower

  1. Mary Beth Elderton

    Perfect timing for this post! We have just bought a new (older) home that will likely be where we stay through retirement. It is a very small home, so we don’t have space to spare and must use every inch as effectively as possible for us. We are planning on removing the upstairs bathtub altogether and replacing it with a walk in shower. We plan to install one of those super nice multi-jet showers.

    The bad news about a very small space is that you can’t have everything. The awesomely good news is that you can go ahead and have a lot of luxury, because you aren’t trying to go big with everything.

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