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Love Begins and Love’s Everlasting Courage

My high school teacher was a big advocate of Janette Oke and, of course, the Love Comes Softly Series. If you’ve read it, you’ll probably appreciate these movies all-the-more. Love Begins tells the story of Ellen and her sister Cassie who are struggling with their farm that is in disrepair. There’s no man in the house, which instinctively motivates Ellen to protect herself and her sister from Clark Davis, especially after the trouble he gets himself into when he and his friend roll into town.

Cassie, through her naivete, is much more forgiving. She recognizes Clark for the good man he is and treats him as a human being as opposed to a lowly servant. Clarke comes to appreciate fine home-cooked meals and clearly, he and Ellen fall for each other because in Love’s Everlasting Courage, they have a daughter named Missy. Things aren’t looking so good on the farm, though. They’re facing a drought and they’re behind on payments for a loan.

Clark’s pride is shot when Ellen must work to support the family. Just when they’re able to resume making payments, Ellen falls ill. Will they lose everything they worked so hard for?

I would definitely recommend this series to those who are interested in the frontier life and want family-friendly entertainment.

Disclosure: I was provided free review copies in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own!

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  1. I love these movies.

  2. What your High School teacher liked them, that seems rare in the public schools 🙂 I have read the books and would love to see the movies. Not sure my mostly boy family would agree but perhaps I could steal away for a night with me and my 7 year old and indulge 🙂

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