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Finally! A DIY Sewing Machine Repair Manual!

The cover of this book instantly grabbed my attention. This poor, disgruntled woman looks like she’s ready to cry. I’m no expert sewer by any means, but trying to practice on a sewing machine that’s in disrepair has definitely made it that much harder. When I purchased my older all-metal Sears Kenmore, the lady told me that the machine needed a tension adjustment at the very least. I called around, trying to find a repair shop that might be able to service my machine at a decent price since it hadn’t been used in some time. The lowest quote I was able to find was $85.

I have a child that needs new clothes pretty soon. I could use some myself, even. I don’t have $85 to drop on this sewing machine, no matter how useful it might be. When I saw that this DIY guide was being offered, I jumped on it. I knew that if my fiance and I couldn’t figure something out, we could always bring his mechanically inclined best friend over to fix anything we might mess up.

The illustrations made it very easy to identify the parts and, like I had hoped, we saved $85. I guess if I had actually purchased this book, I would have saved about $60, but hey, if you rely on your machine, I’d imagine it’s worth it to know how to do the repairs yourself. Be sure to visit their website if you’d like to purchase a manual on serger repairs.

Leave me a comment if you would like to win a copy of this fantastic book!

Disclosure: I was provided a FREE copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

19 Responses to Finally! A DIY Sewing Machine Repair Manual!

  1. Interesting- I would think to just take it in to be repaired.

  2. Wish I had this when I had my Pfaff.

  3. Kim-Bloggity Blog

    Man o man what a GREAT BOOK! we took our daughters machine in and the darn thing cost 150.00 to fix it! My husband would rather have paid for the book I promise you! ( I was personally thinking that the $150.00 would have been put to better use towards a new machine lmao. Keep giving me the great money savers I love this blog!

  4. Am I too late??? I would love a copy of this!!!

  5. Sounds Like a fantastic book!!

  6. I seem to have a sewing machine fettish. I have too many to send out to have someone work on them. could you tell me a little more about this book. Thank you,

  7. Is this repair manual still available? I REALLY need this repair manual. i have a singer 9940 and a Brother pc 3000. I love to sew, but i can not afford to send these 2 machines to the repair shop. Both of my machines are in need of repair. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  8. I am a sewing teacher. I have students who are always having
    problems with their machines. I can fix basic problems, but
    would like to know more about it, so that I don’t have to take so much time in class, trying to find the problem.
    Would love a copy of this book.
    Thank you

    • I would love to win a copy of the book. I sew to relieve stress and my machine is not working right and this causes me great stress.

  9. Our sewing machine repair guy sold out to new people and he was the only one in town. Need to know how to repair machines as I make quilts for the community free and have to have my machines in good repair. Thanks

  10. I have a Pfaff 130 which is about 60 years old. The manual that came with it does not give adequate information. It doesn’t even give part numbers for common parts. So far I have been lucky to find information on the internet to take care of problems I have had. By the way, it is not a portable therefore it would be difficult to take it in for repairs if I could find a repair person.

  11. My wife been looking for a sewing repair book sound like this would work let me know if still available

  12. Would love to win a free copy of this book. I am retired and I have a kenmore 148.12040 and a MW UHT j1414 made between 1961-1971. My husband is a retired engineer and he is a wiz with machines. Can’t find a repair manual for the kenmore. Sears doesn’t even have one in their archive.

  13. Would like to win this book, sewing machines fascinate me . Have purchased a couple of old ones at yard sales and cleaned n oiled but very curious to learn more.
    Thank you,

  14. I thank you very much for making this manual available to purchase. I have gotten a lot of great information from this wonderful book. Its rather difficult to find any home repair and maintenance for sewing machines and industrial machines as well. This is the first book on sewing machine parts and descriptions that I have been able to get my hands on. It’s money well spent. They would much rather us spend a lot of money on machines then to let us really know
    how we can keep our investment running by giving us a repair book on our machines. I have two industrial machines and two domestic computerized sewing machines and should they decide to stop running well it cost a lot for them to get a check up. It would be nice if you had a list of schools that one could learn how to repair sewing machines. I know that they have some education on the subject but they are all out of state. Well I have said a lot ,but my thanks go out to you for making this manual available.

  15. Sherri Lee Brown

    I have a viking rose with a tension knob broke would that book help? I have no money to repair it in a shop

  16. I have been looking for a sewing machine repair manual all day and came up with zilch for my machine. I would love to buy one of books. How can I get one?

  17. Hallo i would like to own such a book. I own a singer 15k and Janome L393. the are old machines and dont work so well.

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