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Baroness by Susan May Warren

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Lilly and Rose, daughters of an empire coming of age in the roaring twenties, can have anything they want … except freedom.

Expected to marry well and to take the reins of the empire, they have their lives planned out for them. But, Lily, Esme’s daughter longs to return home to Montana, to adventure outside the confines of New York City. And Jinx’s daughter Rosie dreams of the bright lights of the newly emerging silver screen. But following their dreams – from avant garde France, to Broadway, to the skies in the world of barnstormers and wing-walkers will take all their courage.

And if they find love, will they choose freedom or happily ever after?

My thoughts:

What incredible insight into the Roaring Twenties. Rosie and Lilly are complete opposites. Rosie is the partying socialite, whereas Lilly, like me, prefers to bury her nose in a book. I would never have expected her to be a wing-walker! Will these two women honor their families or will they enticed by the lure of adventure?

I didn’t think I’d be so riveted by the period of barnstormers and flappers and that is exactly why you should NEVER judge a book by its cover. Then again, the illustration is somewhat enticing because it seems so mysterious and scandalous, no? Dare to take risks. Rest assured, it is a clean read. I haven’t yet read Heiress, but my bestie PROMISED to send it to me soon. I’ll be sure to offer them both as a giveaway in the near future!

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  1. I also reviewed this book and really enjoyed it too. Hope you have a great week! :O)

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