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The Art of Marriage

Did you or someone you love serve in the military? Let’s start a conversation using the following Twitter hashtag: #marriageops

You can also help by donating. Text OPS to 80888 and donate $10.00 to help strengthen the relationships of those who served in the military.

6 Responses to The Art of Marriage

  1. My daughter is an Air Force wife.

  2. I’m a Blue Star Mom! 😉
    My son and his wife married on the 4th of July this past summer… it’s a tough gig being a military spouse!
    This is awesome!

  3. I will soon be an Air Force Wife on 4/5 🙂 Can’t wait!

  4. My daddy was an army man. Retired now.

  5. My Dad was career United States Air Force so I am officially a military brat!

  6. My Dad was in Navy
    Grandpa was in the Army
    Uncles were in the Army
    Grandpa was in the Air force
    BIL was in the Air force

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