Features of an Effective Learning Environment for Special Needs Children

When it comes to education, children with autism or ADHD have their own unique set of needs. In short, they learn best in an environment that is different from the typical public school classroom. Take a look at some of the things that go into creating a friendly learning environment for children with special needs. […] Read more

Easy Signage for your Holiday Party

Planning a holiday party involves deciding upon the perfect menu and selecting festive decorations, yet it is important to remember that the signage you choose can help set the mood. Whether you are hosting a corporate event or just a gathering of your close family and friends, signs and labels will help to organize your […] Read more

Toys: Renting vs. Buying #pley

I’ll bet the toy companies are trembling right now because there’s a service that’s going to cut into its profit margin. If you’re on the fence about renting toys vs. buying them, give this a read. Here are 5 reasons to RENT. Reason 1: Save money! Lego sets can range anywhere from $20-over $100 per […] Read more

When Mother Nature Shows Her True Colors

All around the globe, when winter sends its first icy wind over the trees, Mother Nature responds by presenting a glorious display of colors to enchant everyone. In the United States, there are many places that have brilliant autumn displays, but some are more gorgeous that the others. You can get an idea of how […] Read more

The Cornhole Business

One of the fun games that has seemed to take over festivals and fundraisers is cornhole. This is a game that is played by two people who throw beanbags into holes on a board. Each person stands at the opposite end of the space and throws the bag to the other side to try to […] Read more

Best Practices in Menu Design

Metal menu covers are a good way to represent your restaurant as an upscale eatery. They move beyond the conventional card stock or laminated fare that people are accustomed to seeing in restaurants. The metal implies each menu has been carefully crafted for clientele and makes patrons want to open it immediately to see what […] Read more

Solutions for Skin Care Woes

I always thought I’d be over the acne stage after my teen years. I’m in my early thirties now and it’s a struggle I’ve been having for a long time. I’ve used hundreds of products and have read hundreds of online articles, magazine articles, forum posts, and blogs. Drink more water, they say. Exercise, they say. Change your diet, they say. Use only water when washing your face, they say. Exfoliate, they say. Moisturize, they say. Go see a dermatologist, they say. I grew up in Korea where skin care is absolutely essential. My mother never went to bed without applying her eye cream and other expensive serums and never went outside without a hat, a pair of sunglasses, and sunscreen. She would also blot her face with rice paper to absorb extra oil. For blackheads, rather than those painful strips sold here in the U.S., we would use a special mask just for the nose. I don’t know whose genes I inherited, but I have enlarged pores and scarring. Some of that is due to the forbidden picking and squeezing and the occasional use of extraction tools. My friend’s father is a dermatologist and he prescribed Retin-A, antibiotics, and even subjected me to the torture of a glycolic peel. When I used Retin-A, I had to be cautious about sun exposure and it caused irritation that made my skin worse. Another friend of mine suggested Accutane and Neutrogena because he […] Read more

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