Need a Tropical Getaway? Here Are 4 of the Best Hotels in Cancun

The coastal city of Cancun on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is one of the most-visited vacation destinations in all of Mexico, and it’s easy to see why. Its 14 miles of sandy white beaches offer access to turquoise seas, snorkeling, and world-class vacation accommodations. There are also lush jungles inland that can lead you to Mayan […] Read more

Landing a job with the state: Tips to prepare for the child welfare interview

1. It helps to know someone who is already working at the agency because they can put in a good word for you. This is why they say networking is extremely important. Some people have successfully landed state jobs by starting as an intern or temp. 2. Examine the job description and use those words […] Read more

Hotel Entertainment, Thanks to Google

One of the hidden costs of travel is getting charged for watching on-demand movies in your hotel room. Now, thanks to Google’s Chromecast dongle, you can stream your own entertainment to your hotel television. What is Chromecast? Chromecast is a thumb-drive sized device that plugs into the HDMI port on your television. You can use […] Read more

The 5 Hotels that Nail Vegan Eating

With increased demand for healthier options, more and more hotels are putting vegan choices front and center (finally!). From hotels that keep sustainability in mind, to those that prioritize easy access to vegan-friendly meals (free of any animal products), we’ve found five places to stay from California to South Africa that will not disappoint. The […] Read more

7 Offbeat Places to Visit in London

In a city with such rich history and culture embedded in its stones, everything in London feels like a must-see attraction. Skip the sightseeing bus tours and see a different side of London with these offbeat sites. 1. Museum of Brands In the Museum of Brands, you’ll find dense displays full of vintage British advertisements […] Read more

Cruises and Kids: What to Pack for Your Nautical Little Ones

Taking your kids with you on a holiday? You had better be ready. Kids can be fun, but they’re also challenging when it comes to planning. Here’s how to pack to avoid problems and make for a seamless trip out at sea. Don’t Forget The Tickets Taking kids on a holiday with you presents special […] Read more

Easily Equip Your Commercial Kitchen with the Right Freezers

When some people think of freezers, they think of those small freezers found in homes and residential kitchens. Whether you work in a hospital, own a restaurant or help run a school, you know that one of those small freezers wouldn’t last a day in your kitchen. You need something larger with enough space to […] Read more

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