Best Practices in Menu Design

Metal menu covers are a good way to represent your restaurant as an upscale eatery. They move beyond the conventional card stock or laminated fare that people are accustomed to seeing in restaurants. The metal implies each menu has been carefully crafted for clientele and makes patrons want to open it immediately to see what […] Read more

Solutions for Skin Care Woes

I always thought I’d be over the acne stage after my teen years. I’m in my early thirties now and it’s a struggle I’ve been having for a long time. I’ve used hundreds of products and have read hundreds of online articles, magazine articles, forum posts, and blogs. Drink more water, they say. Exercise, they say. Change your diet, they say. Use only water when washing your face, they say. Exfoliate, they say. Moisturize, they say. Go see a dermatologist, they say. I grew up in Korea where skin care is absolutely essential. My mother never went to bed without applying her eye cream and other expensive serums and never went outside without a hat, a pair of sunglasses, and sunscreen. She would also blot her face with rice paper to absorb extra oil. For blackheads, rather than those painful strips sold here in the U.S., we would use a special mask just for the nose. I don’t know whose genes I inherited, but I have enlarged pores and scarring. Some of that is due to the forbidden picking and squeezing and the occasional use of extraction tools. My friend’s father is a dermatologist and he prescribed Retin-A, antibiotics, and even subjected me to the torture of a glycolic peel. When I used Retin-A, I had to be cautious about sun exposure and it caused irritation that made my skin worse. Another friend of mine suggested Accutane and Neutrogena, but the side effects of the Accutane made me a bit leery. I used Proactiv for some time as well, praying for the miracle skin that they advertise on TV. It didn’t work for me and after digging deeper I soon realized that Proactiv reviews generally are very mixed. Some are positive, other reviews are negative, while still other reviews say that Proactiv is average when you put all the feedback together. I wish I had done my research before jumping in, especially considering Proactiv is a subscription service. Generally people order a product and although it may be convenient to have it automatically delivered, what I found is that a set lasted me longer than a month. I’m also willing to bet that a lot of people fall into the auto-delivery trap and have every intention of cancelling, however, life happens, and they end up paying for the product for a few more months, thus losing more of their hard-earned money. As for me, I’m still on the search for the right product. I no longer buy into the magazine articles that are simply advertising products because they are provided samples and other incentives. I no longer gaze longingly at models who are photo shopped and perfected. I no longer pay attention to celebrity endorsements because celebrities can afford plastic surgery, cosmetics, and make-up artists and are likely provided freebies and financial incentives. I do admit that I’ve given up on products because I was expecting immediate results. I’ve also been overzealous at times and we all know that there is such a thing as having “too much” of a good thing. I’m still trying to find that balance. Life is stressful and perhaps the biggest secret is keeping that in check! Read more

Top 5 Best Fantasy Books Written for Children (…But Suitable for Adults, Too!)

Since I love to write book reviews, and I love to point out “family friendly” books, today I am going to share my top 5 list of the very best fantasy books that are great not only children but also for adults. Although it might be primarily written for kids of specific ages, I believe that every adult should experience them, whether it be for the first time or for the first time since their childhood. You might view the stories from a different perspective now that you are a grown-up and who knows, you might even fall in love with these books again. Happy reading! The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien One of the best books ever written. Period. This story of Bilbo Baggins brings us to the faraway fantasy land and takes us on an epic Hobbit adventure. It’s J.R.R Tolkien’s grand fantasy masterpiece and the precursor to Lord of the Rings. I’m […] Read more

Holiday Gift Guide: What to Get that Bearded Man

If you’re one of the thousands of people who have a bearded man in your life, you have a great opportunity to show him and his beard some love this holiday season. But trying to find the perfect gift for the man and his beard can be a bit difficult. After all, what do you […] Read more

Addressing Serious Health Needs with Local Services

Your brain is an organ over which you think you have little control. You may feel like you are at its whim as far as how you feel and about what you think. However, when you suffer from certain neurological conditions, you do have a lot of power over how well your brain is taken […] Read more

Hiring Skilled Carpenters for Your House Upgrades

Carpentry is a specialized skill that typically falls beyond the skills of the typical homeowner. When working with wood of any kind, you must know how to handle this material confidently to avoid irreparable damage to your house. Rather than risk your home’s renovations to unskilled workers, you can instead vet bids from local carpenters […] Read more

Taking The DOT Medical Examiner Course

If you enjoy working in the medical profession but don’t want to be in a hospital or office all day, then consider taking a course for DOT medical examiners. You will be able to see a wide range of cases and assist in determining the cause of death in some individuals or injuries that might […] Read more

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