What to Expect from Communication Certifications

Multimedia and the Internet have led to the evolution of the digital age. Colleges are offering degrees in communication that can be applied in the public and private sectors. Decades ago, television and radio were the focus of study in any marketing program. These days, there is an increased focus on using Web-based tools in […] Read more

The Future of Food: 2050

9 billion. That’s the number of people expected to populate the planet by the year 2050. The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) has been dedicated to advancing the science of food since 1939. This nonprofit scientific society consists of a multidisciplinary team from more than 100 countries. Their brainchild is FutureFood 2050, which marries food […] Read more

Avoid Summer Brain Drain with School Zone!

Disclosure: I received workbooks to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own! Schoooool’s out for summer! Actually, my daughter’s been out of school for almost a month now and, well, the novelty of it has just about worn off. It’s consistently been over 102 here in AZ, so aside from letting her run […] Read more

Basilicas, Cathedrals, and Shrines: A Pilgrimage to Europe

About ten years ago, a friend of mine offered me her brother’s ticket to Europe. Their father had purchased a Catholic Pilgrimage Tourist package for four and her brother declined to go because he wasn’t particularly religious. I thought he was mad. Who in their right mind would turn down a FREE trip to Europe? […] Read more

How Committed is Your State to Local Foods?

Physician-Chef Shares 4 Reasons You Should Care Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire, respectively, claimed the top three spots in the 2014 Locavore Index, a ranking of each state’s (and the District of Columbia’s) commitment to promoting and providing locally grown foods. At the bottom of the heap are Arizona, Nevada and Texas, with the Lone […] Read more

DIY Bed Frame

Here is yet another DIY project. While we were visiting my parents in East Texas, my husband and I decided we would build them a bed frame. My mother is about 5′ tall and my father is about 6’2″, but they were able to compromise. They had recently purchased a memory foam mattress set, which, […] Read more

Creating THE Yard Everyone Will Envy

Creating an inviting yard takes an incredible amount of planning, but it doesn’t always mean that you need a big budget. You can always add to it over time. We started our yard makeover by creating a container garden, which hosts a wide array of tomatoes and peppers. Just the other day, I saw a […] Read more

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