Brand Sales: Looking Like a Million Bucks

Brand conscious shoppers who shop today will be happy to know that they can look like luxury without spending a fortune. The joy of creating a home interior or housewares collection that is classy and elegant on a budget that has its limits is finding brand name bargains. Designer brands like Donna Karan, Baccarat, […] Read more

Change the World One Child at a Time

Social Workers have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. The true way to happiness is through giving to others and helping to make a difference in their lives. Social Workers help make a difference in the world in a variety of ways. In regards to helping children, they help them to be […] Read more

“I’d No Idea It Would Be So Cheap!” — Budget Family Days Out in Florida

For families who want to keep an eye on their budget but also want fun and educational days out on vacation, Florida is the ideal destination. As well as family friendly attractions, beaches and spectacular weather, there are so many activities for the whole family, without breaking the bank. If you want a safari park, […] Read more

Review: The Big Book of Symptoms

Edited by two esteemed members of AAP, Steven P. Shelov, MD, FAAP, and Shelly V. Flais, MD, FAAP, The Big Book of Symptoms is an A-Z directory and ultimate guide to over 100 of the most common childhood symptoms. From bee bites and colic to fever, sleep and skin problems, the new guide is designed […] Read more

Identifying (and Recovering from) Addiction

Addiction can exist in many forms. We now have support groups for sex addiction, substance abuse, gambling, and even video game addictions. Prescription drug abuse is also on the rise, contributing to a surge in emergency room visits as well as deaths. To combat the epidemic, there have been efforts to improve drug monitoring programs, […] Read more

Get Motivated! 3 Simple Ways to Make Yourself Want to Workout

Between work, soccer games and just being a mom, it can be quite difficult to find the motivation or time to work out on a consistent basis. You’ve been telling yourself for weeks that starting next Monday, you are going to get yourself into a routine and stick with it. Yet, every time the start […] Read more

Lyme Disease Prevention Tips

Ticks inhabit near trees, grass and bushes and can attach to their hosts to feed on the blood. Dogs, cats and other domestic animals who stay outdoors near wooded areas are prone to being bitten by ticks. Adults and children may also come in contact with ticks while standing and walking in wooded areas or […] Read more

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