Celebrating Life: Holding a Naming Ceremony for Your New Baby

Religious individuals often celebrate the life of a new baby (or any child) by announcing the baby’s name at a faith-based ceremony. If you’re not particularly religious, however, an increasingly popular alternative is the secular naming ceremony, which still can be very beautiful and emotional. The Purpose A naming ceremony is about more than just […] Read more

Precision at Play: The Ancient Art of Metalworking

Mankind has been working with metals for centuries. Ancient civilizations were the first to use metal to fashion tools, armor, and other devices to protect themselves and make daily activities easier. However, mankind’s early endeavors in metalworking were not all geared toward weapons of war or simply tools. Metalworking was often used to create treasures […] Read more

Averting Crisis: Innovative Ideas to Curb Wasted Capital in the Healthcare System

It’s the digital revolution, but hospital across the country still waste 11 billion dollars annually due to inefficiencies. If you are working toward your MBA in health management, you will likely make contributions to effect change in this regard. You will be working toward an affordable healthcare system, affecting service delivery and hopefully, resulting in […] Read more

Philanthropy Benefits Businesses as well as Communities

Many media outlets producing stories about volunteerism have touted the benefits of volunteering and serving within the community recently. Doing volunteer work and donating goods and services help the donor feel good. Volunteers also experience health benefits and live longer because of their connection to others. Volunteers are happier with their lives and have improved […] Read more

Tips for Saving Money–Finding the Right Car Insurance for You

Paying car insurance bills are one of the necessary evils millions of Americans must endure–often costing a lot of money every year unnecessarily. Too many people settle for the first plan they come across, and end up overpaying for car insurance–often for years on end. Consider all of the following whenever shopping for a car […] Read more

Repurpose Your Old Shutters for Decorating

When you replace old shutters, there’s no need to send them to the landfill. You can help the environment while you decorate by repurposing those old shutters. Not only is this look trending right now, it’s also environmentally friendly. There are lots of ways to reuse those old shutters to decorate your home. Some involved […] Read more

Composite Decking: Is it the Right Option for You?

Whether you are tired of the kids getting splinters from your old wood deck or if you are building a new home and still need to make decisions concerning the outdoor living space, you may be tossing around the idea of composite decking. You have probably heard a lot about this material, but you aren’t […] Read more

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