The Stylistas Miniguide to the Snapback Hat

In former times, being a baseball player or a newsboy, along with other reasons warranted a cap, yet today, hats are most definitely in style whether you’re a guy or a girl and regardless of your job.  However, like all other fashion statements, it’s better to be informed than go out of the house looking […] Read more

5 Skills Adolescents Need For A Successful And Satisfying Life

Teenagers spend a good chunk of their learning time immersed in such subjects as algebra, history, biology and geography. But the march toward a successful and satisfying adulthood involves more than the ability to add numbers or read and analyze complex material. Equally vital are skills that help young people develop character and give them […] Read more

Sanity-Saving Resort Vacation Tips for Parents

It’s hard to find a nice resort, especially when you have a family in tow. So, here’s how to find the right one so that everyone has a great time and you don’t end up spending an arm and a leg. Plan Ahead This is the single greatest way to save money and prevent your […] Read more

The Big “C” Strikes Again

In February, my life was forever changed when I lost an old friend of mine to cancer. It was a rather traumatic loss because she had announced it publicly on Facebook a few weeks prior and soon thereafter, was admitted to the hospital where she descended into a coma. Her mother made the call to pull […] Read more

Knowledge is Power: Antique Shopping Made Simple

Shopping for antiques is a popular pastime for many people. Finding a hidden treasure can be a real buzz, whether you want to keep the item for yourself to add some character to your living room or sell it for a small fortune. But whatever your motives, you will first need to know what to […] Read more

Summer Camp Safety Strategies for Kids and Their Parents

Millions of our children head off to summer camps every year, and those special weeks during July and August can create some special memories and provide them with some great entertainment. Unfortunately, not every summer camp meets the same standards when it comes to staffing and care procedures, in addition to this aspect, accidents can […] Read more

Muay Thai for Women – Get Fit Fast

Women started practicing Muay Thai two decades ago mostly because of the self-defense techniques it teaches. However, Muay Thai training is much more than that. This is a martial art, combat sport and fitness activity in one. So, it is no surprise why there are so many fitness and health centers that include simple Muay […] Read more

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