Let Your Guests Read Your History Through Photographs

How many times have you been to a party that had a special wall decorated with lots of photographs? I bet it happened. It happened to me many times and at every single party, be it a birthday party, baby shower, marriage anniversary, or wedding. I absolutely loved that wall. There were fancy pictures taken by […] Read more

Container Gardening in Arizona

Being from Oregon, my husband and I have been accustomed to growing our own vegetables. Spring comes with the “itch” to start planting. Look at the backdrop for our place back home. Isn’t it gorgeous? Of course, it’s no surprise that we had bountiful harvests. The sign that hangs over Grants Pass says, “It’s the […] Read more

DIY Bunk Beds

My husband, a framer by trade, was looking for work when we moved down to Arizona. A friend introduced him to a family member who happened to own a furniture store. While my husband anticipated that he would be asked to build coffee tables, it was suggested that he build bunk beds because they were […] Read more

You don’t have to spend a fortune for PROM

Parents often dread prom season because it means teenagers are fantasizing about being the best-dressed, coordinating outfits, getting hair and nails done, having the right accessories, renting a limo, visiting the seamstress for alterations, and so forth. I know what you’re thinking as you read each of those things: cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching! It racks up […] Read more

Personal Stylist in Philly for Hire! Read the interview here!

Katelyn Milley’s philosophy is that everyone deserves to look amazing. We each have our own unique qualities that she can help bring out, thanks to her personal passion and to her training with the Body Beautiful Institute, School of Style, and Teen Vogue Fashion University. Katelyn offers fashion and beauty consultations, beauty appointments, closet edits […] Read more

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Potential Caregiver

HomeHero builds a layer of trust in the senior care market and help families ease into the process of finding, hiring and managing in-home care for seniors. HomeHero Marketplace is designed to help families find, hire and manage quality in-home care for seniors. The simple online and mobile experience drastically decreases the time, cost and […] Read more

How Do You Stay Heart Healthy?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Campbell Soup Company. Health is foremost on people’s minds and keeping your family in tip top shape can be a challenge in these busy times. Campbell’s Soup wants you to “Address Your Heart” with Heart Healthy Tips, recipes, and more! This topic is pretty timely because my husband and […] Read more

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